PDS Logistics Centre

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Incorporated in the year 1999 as a trading company catering to the global needs of the customers. Sourcing, Research & Development and Warehousing Management are the main areas of services of PLC. We represent our global clients and various manufacturers across India to ensure on time delivery, Quality Assurance and Liasoning work.

We source and export Psyllium Husk to USA where we carefully identify and negotiate with prospective buyers while maintaining the quality as per buyer’s standards.

We have experience in research, marketing, sourcing and export planning of Guar Gum.

We collaborate with manufacturers for marketing of Palm Ware products made out of Areca Palm Leaf.

We have successfully sourced and developed the following parts for export for Hydraulic, Automative, Power Generation application requirements. The process involved identification of manufacturers with experience and skills for production of high precision products, maintaining of quality and production schedule.


Sheet Metal Component

Casting Products


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